Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Garden trends 2013

Love you of the latest trends in the field of live and the garden? Read than sure about the last garden trends 2013! Get inspired and get ideas for your own garden. This year the garden trends for 2013 the Be Happy Garden and the Let Me Glow Garden.

The promotion makes each year the Netherlands garden Garden Foundation trends known. They are an initiative of Garden industry Netherlands, Plant Publicity Holland, trade association, the HIC and the productschap VHG horticulture. Bring from 2005 are the new garden trends outwards. The garden trends 2013 are based on surveys, trend analyses and press releases.
Garden trends 2013 in Foundation Garden promotion Netherlands

The new garden trends are monitored by the Foundation from 1997 Garden promotion Netherlands (STN). To the garden to determine trends of 2013 they did research into the garden experience, Garden trends and martkcijfers in Netherlands. By merging the results they can figure out what there lives below the garden lovers and consumers.

The garden trends were presented last year in 2013 trend on the Floriade gardens. Every year during the Floriade the latest trends in the area of gardens, garden furniture and decoration presented. Every garden trend comes with a particular theme. This year there are 2 trend gardens announced: Let me glow garden and Be Happy Garden.
Two types of garden trends

The Let me Glow Garden stands for life with meaning. It is a tight garden where clean lines are interspersed with bright colors and lavender borders. The Be Happy Garden stands for small happiness. This is the most natural garden with characteristics such as wooden garden furniture, sustainable products, eye for insects and animals and playfulness.
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