Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Special Garden Furniture

It's back again to the garden or terrace again delicious. All the dirt of the winter even delicious scrub, the garden furniture from the barn and enjoy. If you are new to garden furniture, we have some tips for you. Because in the exclusive garden furniture and design garden furniture collections in the shops, there is a lot to see. Color is the magic word, but also luxury is a core concept. Let's quickly take a look!
Exclusive garden furniture and design garden furniture we call in a breath, but there is a little difference. What is exclusive, don't necessarily design and vice versa. However, you will see that many garden furniture be exclusive and design. Simply because large and small designers put together the most beautiful garden furniture. All in their own way.


So you have, for example, the French brand
. Fermob creates special garden furniture, where they not lose sight of the color. Fermob garden furniture the color burst, you may say: red, yellow, purple, green ... it may not be on if you are very fine garden. can an entirely different atmosphere than the Interior of your House, for example, wants to give. Where you in house more restrained, off-white colors used in your garden, you can totally do differently. This contrast you see increasingly back at different interiors. And it provides indeed for a relaxed atmosphere. The Garden may namely best colorful, because the flowers and plants that often are that too. If you let these colors come back in the garden furniture, scoop you a nice balance.

Fermob furniture that can so easily with garden. Fermob furniture metal/iron and creates garden plastic/nylon. The good is that the garden furniture is maintenance-free. You have there so no having to worry about, just a swab it suits if the vies and voilĂ .

So in the list of prestigious Fermob falls garden furniture, because they are not for sale anywhere. By the exclusivity of course also a particular price tag depends on content, but you can find regularly in some stores than are many stuff in the Fermob sale and listing.

One to Sit

One to Sit
another brand that is in the list of exclusive and design fits. This garden furniture are very luxury to see. Think of the jetset feeling and life and this brand One to Sit there at fit. So it is not for everyone, especially because One to Sit still in class price higher than Fermob. One to Sit on the other hand, has the range, for example in gems sun beds, tables, chairs and couches. All with a tight One to Sit design that is very characteristic of this brand.

One to Sit grabs the in style all differently than Fermob. One to Sit still wants more content than the exclusivity speak and you see also a more industrial look. This is at the same time minimalist, without being boring. One knows the luxury appearance to Sit well to convey on the audience.

Philippe Starck

Philippe Starck, Phillipe Starck, phillip starck or philip starck? How schrij you actually? As the heading of this paragraph! Although
Philippe Starck
both known at home and abroad, he remains a difficult name. His name you can then perhaps wrong always, you certainly know his designs remain games. They are striking, creative and stand in every garden or terrace very very beautiful. The Philippe Starck chairs, for example, are very stylish. Philippe Starck doesn't use of pop colors, but the color palette keeps aware quietly. You see a lot of pastel shades back for example.

Incidentally, Philippe Starck chairs are also very beautiful in the House itself. You can for example, places them on the kitchen table or combined with other furniture in the living room. We are in any case fan of Philippe Starck, because there are very many beautiful again in 2012 also Philippe Starck garden furniture.

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